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Book Review: My Son is Not Rainman

Written by a single father who is also a stand-up comedian, this book balances humor and humility with ease. Author John Williams is straight-forward about his experience, opening up old wounds and giving us all an intimate look into life with a child who has autism and cerebral palsy. It is funny, without question. It’s also sad and honest and an incredible read.

From his reaction to not one but two diagnoses to figuring out how to coparent all while battling severe mental health issues and struggling to keep solid employment, “My Son is Not Rainman” is, quite simply, a tale of triumph. It’s not so much a story about a father succeeding at all costs but rather a father finding positives in failure and working to support his in whatever way works. His son is the real winner, benefiting from a parent who never stops trying to understand and empathize with his child. The quest for awareness and the fight for acceptance.

This is a father who spent nearly every weekday lunch hunkered down with his son in the school cafeteria. Fielding daily phone calls from school, going shopping for wheelchairs and maintaining peace in a post-divorce life, there is much inspiration to be had here.The connection with his son is undeniable and the games they play, however ritualistic and repetitive, are inspiring. There are rules about cutting in line that he have been learned, and redefined, the hard way.

“This isn’t a story about autism. It’s a story about a young boy who happens to have autism, and there is a difference.”

John Williams, Author of “My Son is Not Rainman”

Whether you are new to parenting an autistic child or a journeyman looking for validation and good memories, I would consider this a must read for parents, not just fathers, of autistic kids.


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