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Listen to @autismdads on the Adventures in Autism Podcast!

A little while ago I had a long overdue chat with Megan for her amazing podcast “Adventures in Autism”. Check out the episode below and be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram and listen to ALL her awesome content on any of your favorite podcast platforms!

“Today I’m chatting with autism dad, Tim, all about his journey with his son, Rafa. Tim and I connected on Instagram through his account @autismdads. Tim started the account as a way to connect with and educate the autism community (himself included!) from a dads perspective. Tim saw that parenting in general (and especially parenting a child with autism) is very focused on mothers- he wanted to show that the dads have a part in all this too! Tim and I talk about not only his son, but also the very valuable information he’s learned since starting the account. He also shares very openly about his mental health journey and struggles with anxiety. Tim is truly such an awesome advocate for his son and we had a great conversation. Enjoy listening!”

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