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Autism Advocate T-Shirts!

Excited to announce we have partnered with The Awesome Company to offer up some killer “Autism Advocate” shirts and a classic “Autism Dad” shirt. I ordered a couple shirts from them in the past and loved the quality and purpose behind the business. They employ adults with autism so the money you’re spending goes directly to support #actuallyautistic individuals who are working hard and enjoying their jobs. I even got a hand-signed note in my package from an employee thanking me for the order, for giving them an opportunity to work and contribute. Such an awesome gesture and a wonderful surprise.

We’re starting small, and at the tail end of Autism Awareness Month but, like we all know, awareness isn’t something that only lasts for a month. Get a shirt for the end of spring, for summer, for vacation, for the Autism walks you are participating in, for Father’s Day, and for lounging around the house.

Show your support for an individual loved one or for the entire Autistic community.

Autism Advocate TShirt 1 - Shop Now!
Autism Advocate Tshirt - Shop Now!
Autism Dad Tshirt - Shop Now!

This first run of shirts are offered in two colors, black or gray, and in a ton of sizes. I’d like to think that these are shirts for advocates, allies and Autistics alike. We’re starting small with designs and color ways so please let us know if you’d like another color or have an idea for a shirt!

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